How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you’ve probably come across an OnlyFans page or Instagram account at some point while online with some deliciously scandalous imagery. 

For the rest of us who may not know, OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where sellers can put up their original content, and buyers can subscribe to their channels for a fee.

The social media platform has gotten a lot of press over the past couple of years due to the pandemic increasing the number of people browsing online and the ability it offers some users to make huge amounts of money compared to their previous jobs.

Quick Fact

“User numbers grew from 20 million before the pandemic to more than 120 million” –

Let’s be clear, OnlyFans is not an adult site, but there are a lot of users that sell explicit images and videos on the platform.

The problem is not everyone wants to sell pictures of themselves in their birthday suits. They may not want to be recognizable to the general public. That is why you may want to know how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face

Maybe you have a full-time job that would look down on your activities or are going to school and want to keep as many opportunities open as possible by using an anonymous OnlyFans account.  

Whatever the reason, the easiest way to remain anonymous on OnlyFans is to disguise your appearance with a mask, a wig, or other accessories. Also, always use a fake name so none of your more eager followers can track down your address or location.

anonymous on onlyfans

Many users stay anonymous on Onlyfans by reviewing all their content first before posting to make sure nothing in the background can tip off any followers about their private locations.

You have to be careful how you conduct yourself to keep your OnlyFans private from those that would cause you harm.

Steps to Take to Ensure Full Privacy on OnlyFans

1. Stage Name

When you are learning how to start an anonymous OnlyFans account, keep in mind that you really should create a unique stage name that is nothing like your legal name – there are plenty of Stage Name Generators you can find online to help with this task. 

Avoid using anything that may sound close to your real name. You can have a little fun and create something with a ring to it. Just be sure it cannot be tied bay to your real ID. 

2. Body Pics

Not everyone wants the full Monty when it comes to your OnlyFans account. One of the best ways to stay anonymous on OnlyFans is to sell certain body part pictures like feet, chest, thighs, and more. There are many OF users that make $100 a day just selling photos of their freshly painted toes.

As we are touching the subject of feet, check out this post on how people earn money selling used socks.

3. Social Media

If you are going to promote your OnlyFans anonymously through social media, make sure you are not violating any of the platform’s terms. Do not tie any of your content to your existing private social media accounts, only the ones you want to associate with your OnlyFans account. That includes your email as well. You should have a unique email account just for your OnlyFans business. 

4. Location

It really is incredible what people can decipher from the background of your photos and videos. Make sure you don’t mention anything about your specific location or have background items like a mug with your city’s name on it for people to see. Staying anonymous is more than not showing your face on OnlyFans.

5. Protect Your OnlyFans Privacy

OnlyFans does require in their privacy policy that you have a government-issued ID to verify your identity when you sign up and a payment method for when you receive subscribers. The good news is that information is just for verification and money, not for your account facing outwards.

Your audience never has to know your actual name. OnlyFans offers an anonymous payment system that prevents them from knowing your full payment info through Stripe.

Hear more about the privacy best practice and available settings directly from OnlyFans:

6. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

There have been some hacks in the OnlyFans system that have not gone well for creators. An excellent idea is to hide your IP (internet protocol address) using a VPN service such as HideMyAss. This is the same as staying unlisted in the phone book or having a personal address not accessible to the general public. It protects your identity from OnlyFans servers, so they cannot pinpoint your location.

A correction to the alleged hack:Rather than a hack, the leak seems to be the result of OnlyFans customers acquiring the photos and videos individually, then sharing them with others and compiling them into a large file for free.” –

Unfortunately VPN would not protect your content if collected by a paid subscriber and distributed online for free.

OnlyFans Content Ideas For Anonymous Creators

  1. Feet Modeling
  2. Cosplay Videos
  3. Nails Painting 
  4. Create Art
  5. Make-up Products Review 
  6. Underwear Products Review 
  7. Video Reviews of Fashion Shows, Traveling, or Cooking

Ways to Make the Content Appealing Without Showing the Face

The great thing about OnlyFans is not all the followers want to see your face. Creators like this one talk about how having a great body or specific body part are just as good as showing your entire face.

Theming is an excellent way to remain anonymous as well. Think about how many people in the world have certain fantasies around different outfits like police uniforms or certain accessories like thigh highs. You can make a significant amount of money selling pictures and videos using those features without showing your face.

Feet pics are a big seller and let you avoid showing any of your upper body at all. People are more than happy to pay for carefully manicured feet in shoes, out of the tub, or with holiday-themed content.

foot fetish page

The point is there is probably an audience for anything you can imagine when it comes to having a successful OnlyFans account. The biggest selling point is that you are meeting a niche demand and having a good time creating content.

The more comfortable you are with the experience, the more likely you’ll grow an audience. The sheer number of OnlyFans accounts with cosplayers hiding behind masks is proof of that concept. Everyone seems to enjoy a Scooby-Doo thirst trap. 

How to Promote Content on OnlyFans Anonymously

Social media and online message boards will be the best way to grow your base of subscribers. While it may make sense to try, Instagram is probably not your best bet.

Using Reddit and Twitter to promote your OnlyFans will be the easiest and least expensive way to build your account.

Reddit is a massive collection of separated forums targeted to specific niche groups. It is community-run and curated and can include everything from Pokémon Go enthusiasts to subreddits targeted to detailed OnlyFans accounts.

To set up your own subreddit, follow these steps:

  1. Build your Reddit “karma” to 30 by posting links to your content
  2. Sign up and create a subreddit community based on your OF name
  3. Start posting images and videos without mentioning any links
  4. Pin a popular post with a link to the top of your community

Reddit has many NSFW (not safe for work) communities and subreddits devoted to a wide array of themes, body parts, and specialty media. Browsing through the community is a great way to get ideas for the type of account you want that will enable you to make money without having to show your face.

Onlyfans Income Is Subject to Self-Employment Tax, Will This Affect Privacy?

When you sign up for OnlyFans, you have to fill out some documents that verify your real identity. While that doesn’t mean your audience will know that info, it does mean OnlyFans will. So you would be smart to set up a banking account just for your OnlyFans income like this CPA suggests.

You will have to pay taxes throughout the year as a self-employed earner. You could set up an LLC to shield some of that info, but if the IRS really wanted to find you, they could. Your best bet is to keep your personal finances separate from your OF income so that it is protected.

Your OnlyFans subscribers remain anonymous through this whole process. They can opt in to share their info if they want. The more important thing is for you to protect yourself as you are the creator.

Quick Reminder of the Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do create a fake name to protect your real ID
  • Use unofficial social media and email accounts
  • Use a custom link for your fake name when sharing online
  • Use disguises, masks, or costumes to hide your face
  • Focus on body parts or theming to avoid face shots
  • Promote anonymously in Reddit/Twitter
  • Get a separate account just for your OnlyFans transactions
  • Make sure nothing in your published media has identifying markers

Final Thoughts

You can make a decent amount of money promoting pictures and videos of yourself in adult-oriented material but keep in mind that there are other options.

Many celebrities, gamers, YouTubers, and influencers have Onlyfans accounts that do not involve anything that would be considered adult.

onlyfans influencers
Celebrity OnlyFans accounts

It comes down to “do what you love.” Subscribers want to see honest enjoyment in these accounts they follow. They want to know you have put in the effort to create excellent content. If the images and videos are high quality, no one is really going to care whether or not they see your face.

Making money on OnlyFans without showing your face is going to come down to finding the right target market that will enjoy your content and then promoting to that audience through powerful tools like Reddit and social media.

Get your message about what you are doing on OnlyFans in front of some highly engaged followers, and you’ll have a new career that can overcome your normal salary. You never know when taking an excellent picture of your feet can make you more than a nursing degree.

The point is to have fun, be safe, and find followers. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and what people are willing to pay for. Do some research and see what is out there. Your next OnlyFans adventure is only a few clicks away.

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