How To Make Money Selling Used Socks

Would you sell used socks? That’s an interesting question that leaves most speechless for a moment.

But before you decide anything, know that there are people who are very keen to buy used socks. In other words, there’s a market for used socks just like for used panties or feet pics. A market that is mostly driven by folks who have a sock! And it’s a market we don’t ever see the demand ever dropping. 

Say, you are looking for a side hustle (I wonder who isn’t these days), a different way of making an extra cash, there’s very little chance you’ll come up with something as rare as this. As unique as the idea of selling used socks online.

But don’t beat yourself up: most people wouldn’t think of anything else unless it’s mainstream. Like how to sell bags, clothes, shoes, watches, etc. To just think: hey, buy my socks is so unique. So niche. It’s a promising market in which you cannot only make some extra cash, but also make it your main business venture.

You must be wondering: how’s that possible? Well, it’s very much possible. The used sock for sale industry is a multi-million dollar one staunchly funded by the sock fetishists. 

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Buying Used Socks is a Fetish 

With the current economic climate and disruptions, there’s no better time when a few bucks here and there will do you more good than now. Make no mistake about it, the sock fetish industry is real. And can be very profitable for you. 

As far as fetish goes, it is really hard to know just how common they are around you. Especially when it comes to something as accessible and easy as dirty feet and socks. It’s something everybody has and can produce.

But the sock fetishists want the ones you produce as you work out in the gym, mow the lawn, take the dog for a stroll, or simply, those you take off after the day’s work. Whatever, as long as what you are selling is used, dirty socks. 

The Underground Fetish Market  

The underground fetish. That may sound like I’m about to make a big reveal of where this market (demand) is but it’s not so hidden. In fact, it’s in plain sight for all to see – as long as you know what to look for. 

What’s more? This community of fetishists is not just in a specific country or cyberspace. They exist in a diverse collection of people and platforms.

You can find people who want to buy your dirty socks in regular places, such as this Reddit community.

Quick Fact

Reddit’s r/UsedSocks is a vibrant community with over 41,5k members

There, you can see sellers who are already taking advantage of the constant demand by posting their used socks for sale ads. Some, like the user named Alice_Roux19, did it as subtly as anyone you’ll ever see with the tread titled: Heading home after a long walk in the heat.’

If you were not paying attention or completely ignorant of the feet fetishes in general, you’ll never be able to guess in a million years what might be waiting for you on the other side of that link.

You’d have to be one curious cat to want to know why Alice_Roux19 thinks you’re interested in how they got home after a long walk on a sunny afternoon! That’s the underground sock fetish community hiding in plain sight. 

Socks Fetishists Contributes to E-commerce Major Players

The existence of good folks who would buy your dirty socks is not limited to forums or chatrooms either. Even the e-commerce ecosystem is not left out.

Underneath the mainstream buying and selling of gadgets like laptops and smartwatches, collector’s items like signed Nirvana vinyl, and almost anything you can think of, there is an active community of foot fetishists who you can sell dirty socks for cool dough. Yes, anything here includes used socks

You can test this theory if you want.

Simply perform this experiment and search for ‘well worn sockson Etsy. The listings you’ll get will certainly prove to you that this community of sellers and buyers of used socks is alive and well. 

Can You Make Money Selling Used Socks?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: continue reading… 

This is one of the first and biggest questions that comes to mind about selling dirty used socks. Let’s find a practical answer to that question by analyzing this listing by SkimpyScarlett on Reddit. 

Apparently, if we wish to own SkimpyScarlett’s dirty white ankle socks, it will cost us £12 (that’s about $16.40). That’s pretty decent in my opinion. Besides, £12 is only SkimpyScarlett’s starting price. Perhaps, there are more special and rarer used socks from SkimpyScarlett that will appeal to us more. To buy any of those, we would have to pay more.

Don’t forget that we are not the only buyers here. While we may want white socks worn to work. Other fetishists may want something ‘well worn, unwashed dancer black stockings’. Since everybody’s kinks are not the same. 

So, SkimpyScarlett in reality sells used socks of different types and conditions that fulfill different fetishes. I can easily see them making around 3-5 sales per day. At an average of £50 ($68.30). You can certainly do the math for what one will make in a week. 

But that’s just us putting things very modestly. There’s proof of guys like TeamYMD raking in thousands of dollars monthly while selling a single pair for a staggering $125. Can you imagine that? 

How to Sell My Used Socks Online? 

Time to get our feet dirty! Let’s know what it’ll require to get our socks dirty and sell them online for cool cash. 

Once you decide that selling your dirty socks online is the perfect gig for you, the next thing to do is figuring out how exactly you are going to start selling and earning money. 

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when as you venture into satisfying sock fetishists. 

1. You Need to Decide on a Platform 

where to sell used socks

Most sellers of used socks don’t make their own socks selling websites. The major reason for this is that it will be hard to find buyers this way. What they do is rely on existing websites or platforms to make their sales. 

Some of these platforms like SofiaGray specialize in selling sexually erotic materials so they target a niche market. However, places like Reddit and Etsy also see enough traffic and business from foot fetishists in general who are looking to satisfy their cravings. You just need to master each platform’s strengths and shortcomings.

 2. Membership Costs

Most niche platforms will charge a fee before you will be allowed to sell used socks. Obviously, the fee helps keep the site up and reminds you to take your business seriously. 

Some sellers who were just starting out are usually hesitant about paying the fees. Although the fee may very well be out of budget for some, it’s a pretty reasonable price to pay for something so potentially rewarding. 

Membership costs breakdown
Membership Costs Breakdown

3. Know Their Audience 

Most of these erotic platforms focus on many submarkets and niches. While this attracts potentially more people to the site, your specific niche may suffer from poor exposure.

Don’t make the mistake of signing up with a site only to find that your target niche sees very little traffic if any at all. 

4. Test Their Visibilities on the Web 

Search for articles and listings for used socks for sale. Any site you are considering should appear with their content on the first page on Google. Because if buyers can’t find the site, how are they going to find your profile page? 

Tips on Becoming a Successful Seller of Used Socks

Here are some quick-fire tips to help you become a successful used socks seller. 

Tip 1: Be Active in the Community

Don’t just be a robot who sells dirty socks and disappears only to be heard from again when the next sale is on. 

Tip 2: Upload a Profile Pic and Write a Bio

The sock fetish community is largely anonymous. But you can still have a picture (you don’t have to show face) and a little text about you or something. 

Tip 3: List Only High Quality

Even though you sell dirty and smelly socks, post-high-quality content, and very clear pictures.

All mobile phones these days come with some photo-enhancing tools. It won’t hurt to increase the brightness or contrast of the taken photo. If you want to go a bit more advanced, use one of the free available online photo editing software such as Photopea.

Ultimately you could have somebody else to do it for you. Fiverr is a good place as it’s cheap, and it’s a great one-stop shop for designing graphics, picture editing, or logo design.

Nobody is interested in cheap, have your content done well.

Tip 4: Know What The Buyer Wants Before They Ask

Fetishists may have very unique kinks, but they all prefer you magically have what they desire without them painting the entire picture for you. So, research and listen to what buyers are interested in and adjust your products so that they fit the buyer’s requirements naturally. 

Tip 5: Learn From Your Competitors

See what others are doing from time to time and learn from them as much as you could. Look at their profiles, their listings, and their overall presence on the platform. You don’t have to copy everything or anything at all. Just learn and improve the way you’ve been dealing with your own business. 

Final Thoughts

I know this may sound like stating the obvious but whether you are successful selling used socks online or not successful depends largely on you.

Ultimately, it’s just like any other business venture which will require hard work, consistency, commitment, and patience to help it grow.

Give it your best shot and you’ll find that it is difficult not to succeed.

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